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atlas missile silos

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architect: reenie (karin) elliott
building type+location: refurbishment of 12 disused us army nuclear missile silos in upstate new york 
invisible elements: each missile performs a mission promoting antithetical values to their original function in nuclear warfare.
  1. blocks access route to oil well (greenpeace activist)
  2. hall of mirrors, coney island (promotes introspection)
  3. bathing club, grand canyon (idealises the power of nature over artifice)
  4. bridge over panama canal (negotiates territory by communication)
  5. planetarium, canary islands (makes the invisible visible)
  6. bell tower, st katherines monastery, mount sinai (makes the invisible audible)
  7. scattering of one million fragments, dun aenghus, ireland (decommissioning)
  8. garbage transfer facility, manhattan (promotes recycling)
  9. snail museum (slows down the rate of progress)
  10. car wash, acropolis (values cultural artefacts)
  11. noahs ark (promotes survival)
  12. casino las vegas (promotes chance over rationalism

client: storefront for art and architecture, kenmare st, new york

competition date: 1990