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steam pavilion


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wind driven

trouble in paradise

goose cube

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above: angele lautier "hopetown"

the lure of the invisible, thresholds to the immaterial, the timeless, the remote and the intimate

detecting signs of the invisible through extensions of nature and other changes in the physical realm

invisible measurement systems 1: measuring the oxygen consumption of a walking elephant (experiment team led by richard taylor, ‘exploring biomechanics’)

invisible measurement systems 2: a chaffinch flies through cloud of dust.  a series of flashes were fired while the camera shutter was open, so particles in the moving air of the birds wake appear as streaks. (r. mcneil alexander, ‘exploring biomechanics’)

invisible architectures can be found in dumpyards amongst the discarded material

‘prospectus for the invisible university’ by david greene, 2004

‘nothing’ edited by graham gussin and ele carpenter, northern gallery for contemporary art, august media, london, 2001

Tomorrow's Thoughts Today

LA Urban Rangers

"reclaim the beach" party

"confessions of an architect"

'dogme 95' manifesto

william titley's tidal properties

chris woebken, "invisible devices"

merhel karhof's wind knitting factory

nicolas myers, "transgenic bestiary"

sascha pohflepp, "the golden institute for energy"

vanessa harden, "the subversive gardener"

thomas thwaites, "toaster project"

sorat babu's "microkinetics"

italo calvino, "invisible cities"

‘the cognitive neuroscience of haunt-type experiences’ – an anomalistic psychology research unit seminar with dr. jason braithewaite, university of birmingham, and goldsmiths.