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architect: david chipperfield. reenie (karin) elliott was project architect
building type+location: three storey designer clothing shop for joseph, a fashion designer; sloane st, london
invisible elements:

  1. eva jiricna’s theatrical glass stair was a savoured architectural confectionary – but it didn’t help joseph sell sweaters. It was removed and packed away in boxes, an actor ‘who struts his last hour upon the stage, then is no more’.  the budget for the entire refurbishment was less than the original budget for the 1980s stair alone.
  2. feng shui consultant used by client to establish ideal positions for shop fixtures, circulation routes and changing rooms, along invisible mythical trajectories of health, luck, happiness and wealth
  3. claudia schiffer tried on a mini skirt on the opening day
  4. on completion joseph gave me a sumptuous long velvety bronze knitted sweater

client: joseph estedgui
completion date: 1994