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architect: jean nouvel. reenie worked on office building design and overall façade detailing
building type+location: mediapark is a mixed use programme for offices, hotel, housing and businesses.
invisible elements: illuminated corporate identity logos jostle for visibility in an aesthetic of appearance and disappearance, accentuated by a space designed to vary depth in the field of vision.  Lights, screen printed surfaces and logos seem to fade vertically upwards into the sky and blur or efface the structure of the buildings. Clear and screen printed glazing brings in external light and sends dense colour messages to the exterior, functioning as a computer or film screen. Circulation systems are treated as dynamic vectors, signalling for functional and security purposes, while infiltrating and shaping the programmed image. Movement within the building between atrium, office levels, lifts, stairs and storerooms leads to a dilation or distancing effect. It is a series of active facades, a filmic interpretation of the ‘behind the mirror’ theme.
client: mediapark koeln

competition date: 1991