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BA aquatic adventures
academic year 2008-9
tutors: wynne leung, reenie elliott, francesco belfiore

project 1: mapping the invisible (brockwell lido)

welcome to the invisible university!  in your first exercise, you will be shown a drawing or photograph from the lambeth archive.  it is a historical description of part of the brockwell lido. part of this drawing or photograph describes a structure, space or object that has long since disappeared or been altered.


  1. you will be shown how to establish the position of this structure, space or object (original element) in its former location. working with the other members of your group, you are asked to draw the position of the original element on the ground in chalk. your group will have approx. half an hour to do this. you will need a tape measure, chalk, powers of deduction, wit and precision. your tutor will be using a scale rule and some other surveying equipment, and will explain to you how this is used. 
  2. do please ask your tutors any questions you may have about how to carry out this measurement / drawing exercise. 
  3. please be careful where you walk, beware of the pool edge, and be considerate of other lido users.
  4. please wear a hard hat and carry your clipboard purposefully – this is a key part of the I.U professional training for aquatic adventurers. 
  5. children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult.
  6. please be aware that you are mapping the invisible at your own risk.

learning outcomes (projects 1 and 2):

  1. to visualise the invisible in a 1:1 drawing
  2. to construct an archive of social spaces within the lido
  3. to consider the relationship between events and architecture, to explore the overlap between official history and personal experience.