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seduction wall
construction by: oxford brookes university students, reenie elliott, torange khonsari.
installation type+location: 40m long, this temporary wall represented a personal and political boundary, a space for negotiation, attraction and seduction; culminating in a secluded bathing spot on the cliffside coast of dalkey, Ireland.  also built on site of filled in swimming pool, headington hill hall, oxford.

The 'wall of seduction' explored the boundaries of intimacy in society. A full scale veil like construction was stored in a convent, then transported to the coastal site, where Oxford students had a blind date with Dublin students. They exchanged clothing, flowers, chocolate, wine and messages. At the end of the event, the Irish students suggested the construction should be floated on the sea, then burnt.

invisible elements:
two strangers walk down either side of the wall and are blind to each others identity and surrounding landscape.  as the wall proceeds, the strangers encounter moments of visibility and communication along the way, each time they are given an instruction:

  1. exchange item of clothing
  2. offer glass of wine
  3. offer flowers
  4. offer fruit
  5. wash hands
  6. write message

completion date: 1999-2000