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beach party
construction by: london metropolitan students, reenie elliott, jonathan tuckey
installation type+location: ‘deafrave’ beach party, royal festival pier, london south bank
invisible elements:
sensory cube constructions enabled deaf guests to experience music and dance through other senses:

  1. sight: plastic hairy surfaces shivered to the vibrations of the drum beats – visual music
  2. touch: conversations could be ‘overheard’ as deaf guests communicated in sign language wearing coloured gloves; dispensed from the walls of this cube – tactile talk
  3. taste: drinks dispensed from the surfaces via gyrating straws – sipping sounds
  4. smell: dancing within a space bedecked in flowers – aromatic arabesques
  5. sound – water pumped through pipework to the tune of the music – audible aquatic sound fountain
completion date: 2004-5