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dublin quays

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architect: reenie (karin) elliott, antoinette o’neill, joo tse jong, andrew o’connell
building type+location: point depot, cultural quarter, gallery bridge, parliament debating boat, new live work housing, pedestrian bridge, new walkway extending from south quays eastwards, short take off and landing airport
invisible elements: irish election results in the 1980s were often a close call, with coalitions between radically different parties and individuals required to form a government – hence the rocky boat debating chamber which had the added advantage that it could sail             away during summer recess. 
client: dublin city council

completion date: 1985 – present

iNViSiBLE_architecture is  equally uncomfortable with ‘iconic architecture’ and ‘signature buildings’ – as these terms assume the city is a museum where architecture cannot be experienced, occupied, touched, or even photographed by normal mortals.
Invisible architecture specialises in
inhabiting, infiltrating, intruding, adjusting, improving, reconfiguring, admiring and
most of all enjoying existing architectures and cities;
whether ancient or recent, dull or dramatic, everyday or spectacular